a unique aspect of the royal investment fund is the fund is fully student-managed.

Meet the team!

Student Officer | Client Relations | Marketing | Operations & Risk Management | Research Analysts

Student Officer


Chief Investment Officer

Theodore Krumholz is a Senior at Bethel University studying Finance and Data Analytics. Beyond his involvement with the Royals Investment Fund, Theodore enjoys being part of the Bethel Football team and spending his free time with friends and family. He’s always up to be outdoors, whether that be fishing, hiking, hunting, or water skiing.

As the Chief Investment Officer, Theodore believes this opportunity at the undergraduate level provides valuable skills that help him apply what he is learning in the classroom. After Bethel, he plans to begin a career in asset management.



Assistant Director

Jessica is a junior at Bethel University studying Finance and Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. When she’s not working for the Fund, you can find her on the leadership team for the BethelBiz mentorship program and tutoring for the Business and Economics Department. 

As the Assistant Director, Jessica hopes to learn more about finance, dive deeper into the investments industry, make new connections, and gain valuable leadership experience. In the future, she plans to find a corporation position in which she can apply her passion for both marketing and finance.

Client Relations


Client Relations Director

Elijah Bervik, a senior at Bethel University, is studying Finance and Analysis and Analytics with a minor in Psychology. Beyond the Fund, Elijah uses his skill sets as a member of the Bethel Football team, a member of BBEA, BethelBiz, and through his campus job in the Wellness Center.

Elijah’s interests in investment have been sparked for years now, and he is anticipating great personal and professional growth through his time as the Client Relations Director. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue work in areas relating to financial analysis, insurance broking or healthcare.



Client Relations

Cali Pearcy is a junior at Bethel University studying Accounting and Finance. She stays busy balancing her academics and involvement on the Bethel Women’s Hockey team, BBEA, BethelBiz, being a business tutor, and working as a PCA for a former Build Student. 

Cali is a member of the Client Relations team, and she is enthused to bring her skill set to further efforts of the Royals Investment Fund as it continues to grow. She is excited to get more real world experience in the Finance business because this is what she wants to do after school.



Client Relations

Nate Fredrickson is a senior at Bethel University studying Finance and Economics. After his highschool graduation, Nate took a gap year and embarked on a six month service trip where he spent time in New Zealand, Nepal, and India. Apart from traveling he also enjoys playing, watching, and coaching sports. 

Nate decided to join the Royals Investment Fund because he had heard from numerous people that it was a great professional experience. He wanted to work with people who he could learn from and gain a better understanding of investing and business in general. Upon graduation, Nate would love to combine his passions for business and meeting the needs of others into a career. He is excited for what the future holds.



Client Relations

Baylor Leese is a Junior at Bethel University studying Communications with an emphasis in Event Management and a Business Minor. When Baylor is not working for the Fund, he runs Cross Country and Track at Bethel. He is passionate about sports and loves to travel. 

Baylor was drawn to working with the Royals Investment Fund because he has personal experience with investing. He felt as though this position would be a great opportunity to learn and continue to grow in the field. In his future, Baylor hopes to work in the sports industry or travel through Central America.



Client Relations

Adam Marty is a senior at Bethel University studying Marketing with a minor in Economics. On Campus, Adam is involved in the Men’s Hockey Team, BethelBiz and participates in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. 

Adam chose to be involved with the Fund because of the valuable experience it will give him no matter what career he decides to go into. He is excited to gain insight into the business world while still being in school. After graduation, Adam plans to work in the Twin Cities in either sales or marketing.



Marketing Director

Amy Denn is a senior at Bethel University studying Marketing and Organizational Communication with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. Beyond Amy’s involvement as a Marketing Director with the Royals Investment Fund, she is heavily involved in organizing Welcome Week and the Communication Department’s honor program Lama Pi Eta.

Amy was drawn to this position because of the unique marketing opportunity within a student-run investment fund. She is greatly anticipating the personal- and fund-growth that will take place during her time here. She is excited to be working with the team for another year to help establish the Royals Investment Funds marketing strategy.




Tony Harris is a junior at Bethel University. He is studying Marketing and Finance. Tony stays busy by running his own clothing line called D3 Clothing, which stands for dedication, determination, and direction. 50% of D3 Clothing’s profits go to sucide prevention. He also enjoys wake surfing and all water sports. 

Tony chose to be involved in The Royals Investment Fund for the learning experience. He has seen his peers work for the Fund and learn more than they would in the classroom. He is excited for all the opportunities and networking events as well as gaining more experience in the finance and investment world.




Emily Atkinson is a senior at Bethel University studying Marketing with a minor in Leadership Studies. Other than working for the fund, Emily is involved in BBEA and is leading a missions trip this spring through Bethel. 

Emily is excited to be working for the fund to gain more experience in marketing and learning how all the different departments work together within a company. After graduation, Emily is wanting to pursue a career in marketing. 




AJ Barrett is currently a junior at Bethel University studying Marketing and Finance. He is currently a Lead Photographer & Social Media Manager for the Athletic Department at Bethel, in addition to managing the photography and the student-photographers for the Office of Marketing here at Bethel. He is also the Men's Club Volleyball Captain, along with participating as a practice player on Bethel's Women's Volleyball Team. In addition, AJ also play in one of Bethel's "Vespers" worship teams, and has a background in music, being classically trained on the upright bass.

AJ has decided to join the Royals Investment Fund to gain real-world experiences working with finance, marketing, and team-based projects. He is grateful for this opportunity to build more experiences. After graduation, AJ plans to work in a creative-marketing based environment while using his financial background to help promote products. He hopes to incorporate his passion for photography to utilize his creative abilities in the marketing industry.

Operations & Risk Management


Operations & Risk Management Director

Zac Nelson is a junior at Bethel University and is a double major in Accounting and Finance (B.S.) and International Relations (B.A.). Apart from Zac’s work on the fund, he is also the Financial Officer for Bethel Student Government, a team leader for Shift (first-year community building program), a tutor, a TA for managerial finance, a member of the club volleyball team, an avid intramural participant, a casual photographer, and is always down for spontaneous adventures with the closest people in his life.

Zac is excited to be the Operations & Risk Management Director for the Fund to continue his growth when it comes to critical thinking and analyzing investment philosophies. Being a part of the Royals Investment Fund has always been an interest of his since his first visit to Bethel. He believes it is such a unique experience to participate in a fully-fledged LLC, responsible for real money, and coordinating among fellow fund members and investors in pursuit of both learning objectives and financial returns. Upon graduation, Zac plans to pursue  a career path leading into public accounting or consulting work.



Operations & Risk Management

Evan Rengel is a junior at Bethel University studying Finance and Business Analysis & Analytics. Evan is also involved in BBEA, and recently interned for a startup 3D printing company. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer and golfing. In addition, he enjoys spending time walking or biking in Minneapolis.

Evan decided to join the Fund because he wants to explore investing and the opportunities within finance. He was drawn by the hands-on educational experience. After graduation, Evan wants to become a financial analyst. He wants to use algorithms to conduct financial analysis. He also hopes to live in Minneapolis. 



Operations & Risk Management

Spencer Weiss is a junior at Bethel University studying Finance and Business Analytics. Spencer is also a Teaching Assistant in the Business Department and is a member of a Men’s Club Volleyball team. 

Spencer was drawn to working for the Fund to gain a quality experience in the investment side of Finance and gain valuable skills that he can put to use in future employment. Upon graduation, Spencer plans to work for a non-profit and go back to school to get his MBA.


Operations & Risk Management

Jonathan Dee is a senior at Bethel studying Political Science and Business. He is originally from Boulder Colorado and loves all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking and skiing. He currently works as a Legal Advocate and Case Management Intern for the Domestic Abuse Project, a Marketing and Brand Ambassador Intern for Minnesota FC United, and a Community Relations & Marketing Intern for Lululemon.

Jonathan decided to work for The Royals Investment Fund because it provides opportunities for students to learn about current contemporary markets while getting familiarized with financial platforms.

research Analysts


Fund Manager

Aaron Furlano is a senior at Bethel studying Data Analytics, Economics and Finance. He is a member of the Club Hockey team in addition to being a full-time student and member of the Royals Investment Fund. This past summer he completed an internship at Gradient Financial and has also worked as a paraplanner at Paladin Financial. He is currently a tutor for managerial finance, a Teaching Assistant for business analysis as well as for the Internship Department. 

Aaron is grateful for this unique opportunity to we the Fund Manager. He appreciates the opportunity to further his learning of the financial industry and gaining more experience working in a team striving towards meaningful results. Upon graduation, Aaron desires to work in a career that allows him to maximize his finance and analytics background.



Research Analyst

Ellen Seibel is a Junior at Bethel University studying Marketing and Finance. In her free time, Ellen enjoys playing hockey and going to MN Wild games.

Ellen is excited to be joining the Research Team of the Royals Investment Fund. She joined the fund to gain a greater knowledge on equity investments. Although Ellen still has two years in school, she hopes to find a job that she is passionate about after graduation. 

annika carrington


Research Analyst

Annika Carrington is a junior at Bethel University studying Finance and Biology. She enjoys playing intramural sports and traveling. 

Annika decided to join the Fund to build connections and gain investment management experience. After bethel she hopes to find a job that combines both finance and biology at a biomedical firm.

thomas gunderson


Research Analyst

Thomas Gunderson is a senior at Bethel University studying Finance and Analytics. In his free time he enjoys disc golfing, fantasy football, and hanging out with friends. He also studied abroad his sophomore year in Belize and has a black belt in Taekwondo. 

Thomas joined the fund because he wanted to be able to get experience in the investment world before he graduates. He believes this is a good opportunity to get to know other business students here at Bethel who also have similar career goals. After graduation, Thomas would like to get a job in Finance, Banking, or Investments. 



Research Analyst

Jeremy Schipper is a senior at Bethel University, and is studying Economics, Finance and History. He is an RA (Resident’s Assistant) on campus, is involved with Bethel’s Model United Nations team, BethelBiz and the Wallin Scholarship Program.

Jeremy is on the research team for the Royal Investment Fund. He is looking forward to unpacking all this experience has to offer.

Mike Delich


Research Analyst

Mike Delich is a junior at Bethel University. He is studying Accounting and Finance. At Bethel, Mike is involved on the Bethel football team. He enjoys sports, spending his summers on the lake, and his winters in the mountains. 

Mike was drawn to working with the Royals Investment Fund because of the real world experience working as an analyst in the investments industry. He hopes that this opportunity will make him more informed decision about the future of his career. After graduation, Mike will be looking for a full time career in accounting or finance. He is currently deciding between going into an auditing role or becoming an analyst in the investment industry.

Josh Young


Research Analyst

Josh Young is a sophomore at Bethel University. While at Bethel he is studying Finance and Economics. When he’s not busy with school, Josh is a middle school youth leader at his church and also enjoys playing for a pick-up baseball team in his hometown. 

Josh decided to be a part of the Fund because he believes it provides students with an opportunity to build investment management skills at a professional level. After Bethel, Josh is looking to join the Asset Management or Investment Banking industry.



Research Analyst

Cody Pollock is a senior studying Finance. In his free time he enjoys working on cars. In high school he fully rebuilt a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro. He does everything from interior to body and paint as well as all engine work. He enjoys the problem solving challenges that go along with rebuilding cars. He is a big fan of the Minnesota Wild, owning fifteen jerseys and a large collection of other Minnesota Wild equipment. 

He is excited to be working with the Fund and grow in his knowledge of investing. After graduation he hopes to become a wealth advisor.