Fund Description

Established in 2017, the Royals Investment Fund seeks to provide a unique and experiential learning opportunity for students to invest institutional and individual assets.

Students with a passion for the wealth management industry are able to develop their economic analysis, company research, asset management, and relationship management skills in a hands-on environment.

The Royals Investment Fund is overseen by a group of investment professionals who provide guidance and mentorship to the students involved. This Board of Advisors oversees the investment strategy of the fund and provides recommendations for the students to both learn from and implement.

Organizational Chart


Investment Strategy

The Royals Investment Fund seeks to invest according to two main objectives:

  • Seek long-term capital appreciation

  • Generate current income which will be reinvested in the portfolio

We are able to reach these objectives by investing in a blend of both growth stocks and value stocks according to the following strategy guidelines:

  • Utilize a fundamental and research driven approach to investing in a concentrated portfolio of high quality companies offering distinct and sustainable competitive advantages over their peers.

  • Focus on companies with strong management teams, cash-flow generation, high returns on invested capital, and reasonably conservative balance sheets.

  • Institute a low-turnover approach to investing; expected annual turnover is between 20–40%

  • Diversify broadly across industries and sectors.

  • Maintain low cash position, generally less than 5% of portfolio value.