Course Requirements

Student Officers

To be eligible for a Student Officer position, including Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Fund Manager, you must be a Junior or Senior, be actively pursuing a business major, and have completed Financial Accounting (BUS 210), Principles of Economics (ECO 201), Investments (BUS 390), Financial Valuation (BUS 352).

All Other Positions

There are positions for Research Analysts, Relationship Managers, Operations Managers, Risk Managers, and Marketing Managers. All positions require Investments (BUS 390) having been completed, but may be taken concurrently under special circumstances.

Time Requirements

Since Officer positions in the Fund receive course credit, their time commitment can be expected to meet or exceed the time commitment commensurate with two credits per year in coursework.  Students in an Officer position are leaders of the group and will need to put in hours, on top of the 2 credits, equal to a leadership position of another large Bethel University-recognized student organization. 

Non-officer positions will have different time requirements, dependent upon many factors including client needs, time of year, and typical workload of your area of the Fund.

Limiting Factors

Students looking to be involved in the Fund may be limited in their participation if they are concurrently involved in the following groups:

  • CFA Research Challenge
  • Bethel Student Government (Officer Role)
  • BBEA (Director Role)