a unique aspect of the royal investment fund is the fund is fully student-managed.

Meet the team!

Student Officer | Client Relations | Marketing | Operations & Risk Management | Research Analysts

Student Officer

Lacey Benz, CIO

Lacey Benz

Chief Investment Officer

Lacey Benz is a senior at Bethel University majoring in Finance, Economics, and International Business. When not in class, Lacey spends her time as a student leader for the Woven Lives Mentorship program, participates in the BethelBiz program, and is an active volunteer at her church and throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul community. Lacey recently returned from studying abroad in Italy where she gained a deeper understanding of Italian culture and language.

As the Chief Investment Officer, Lacey believes involvement in the Royals Investment Fund, LLC offers a fantastic experiential learning opportunity while allowing students to build confidence, grow professional networks, and generate investment acumen. After graduation, Lacey plans to return to her internship site at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York in order to work full-time in corporate financing or investment banking.

Client Relations

Noah Bragg.jpg

Noah Bragg

Client Relations Manager

Noah Bragg is a senior studying Finance at Bethel University. Beyond the classroom, Noah is on the Bethel Men’s Golf team serving as a captain for the last two years. He values time with friends and family.

Noah leads the Client Relations team for the Royal Investment Fund. His desire to be a member of the Royals Investment fund is to gain relevant experience in account and client management. After graduation, Noah is pursuing a career in software sales. His goal would be to work for a financial technology software company.

Noah Tedlund.jpg

Noah Tedlund

Client Relations

Noah Tedlund is a senior at Bethel University studying Finance and Economics. Beyond his studies, Noah enjoys playing music and spending time with his horses. He plays the piano and is currently learning the violin.

Noah is a member of the Client Relations team. He finds value in being of a developing company and seeing peers excel from students to professionals. After he graduates from Bethel, Noah hopes to travel the world and be part of a socially responsible company.

Anthony Nelson.jpg

Anthony Nelson

Client Relations

Anthony Nelson, a junior at Bethel University, is double majoring in Accounting and Finance, and Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and innovation. Anthony is involved in the BethelBiz mentorship program and Shift (a first-year college ministry program) serving in leadership capacities within both organizations. Both of these areas of involvement center around building relationships and fostering personal growth; something Anthony has a deep passion for.

As a member of the Client Relations team, Anthony has had experience on our Operations and Risk Management team, and is looking forward to getting a more well-rounded view of the fund. He plans to acquire his CPA license and work in public accounting once he completes his education.

Cali Pearcy

Cali Pearcy

Client Relations

Cali Pearcy is a sophomore at Bethel University studying Accounting and Finance. She stays busy balancing her academics, involvement on the Bethel Women’s Hockey team, and spending time with her friends and family.

Cali is a member of the Client Relations team, and she is enthused to bring her skill set to further efforts of the Royals Investment Fund as it continues to grow.

Elijah Bervik

Elijah Bervik

Client Relations

Elijah Bervik, a junior at Bethel University, is studying Finance and Analysis and Analytics with a minor in Psychology. Beyond the fund, Elijah uses his skill sets as a member of the Bethel Football team, a member of BBEA, BethelBiz, and through his campus job in the Wellness Center.

Elijah’s interests in investment have been sparked for years now, and he is anticipating great personal and professional growth through his time on the Client Relations team. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue work in areas relating to financial analysis, insurance broking or healthcare.


Crosby Steen.jpg

Crosby Steen

Marketing Manager

Crosby Steen is a senior at Bethel University studying Business with emphases in Analytics and Marketing. Crosby is involved in many things on campus including BethelBiz leadership, working within Admissions, being an assistant to the VP of Student Life, while also working part-time at Medtronic.

As the Manager of the Marketing team, Crosby hopes to gain knowledge in the area of investment banking and to better understand the complexities of the stock market. After graduation, it is his aim to work a job that will allow him to do market analytics while fulfilling his passion to help those around him.

Callie Guimont.jpg

Callie Guimont


Callie Guimont is a senior studying Finance and Marketing at Bethel University. Callie has flourished during her time at Bethel soaking up leadership experiences; one of these experiences includes being a Welcome Week Coordinator. She spent her previous summer with Lacrosse Hardwood Flooring as a Marketing Intern.

As a member of the Marketing team, Callie anticipates being able to blend her finance and marketing experiences together to further the success of the Royal Investment Fund, LLC. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career within marketing.

Katie Finney.jpg

Katie Finney


Katie Finney is a senior studying Marketing and Human Resource Management at Bethel University. In addition to being involved in the Royals Investment Fund, Katie is an assistant to the Vice President of Student Life, has held two internships at Pella Corporation within Product Marketing and Talent Acquisition, and has served as the Student Body President during the academic school year of 2017-2018. She gets excited working with individuals and knowing the work she does brings purpose and change.

As a marketing team member for the Royal Investment Fund, LLC, Katie greatly anticipates a year of growth and excitement for the fund and its team members. She is looking forward to learning more about investing. After graduation, Katie will be pursuing a career within marketing in Des Moines, Iowa.

Amy Denn

Amy Denn


Amy Denn is a junior at Bethel University studying Marketing and Organizational Communication with an emphasis in Strategic Communication. Beyond Amy’s involvement as a marketing member with the Royals Investment Fund, she is heavily involved in organizing Welcome Week, BethelBiz and interning at SixSpeed as a marketing intern.

Amy was drawn to the Royals Investment Fund by the unique marketing opportunity within a student-run investment fund. She is greatly anticipating the personal- and fund-growth that will take place during her time with the fund.

Operations & Risk Management

Andrew Heuss.jpg

Andrew Heuss

Operations & Risk Management Manager

Andrew Heuss is a senior at Bethel University studying Finance and Economics. Andrew has taken his passions as he pursues his degree and continued to build upon them at Luebeck Wealth Management as a Financial Advising Intern. In addition, he enjoys reading and being active when he isn’t studying or working as a Teaching Assistant.

Andrew is a member of the Operations and Risk Management team, and will be transitioning into the manager roles upon graduation of the current Operations and Risk Management team lead. He is passionate about investing and is thrilled to be able to gain experience within his role. After graduation, Andrew aims to secure a job surrounding financial analytics and advising.

Tony Woodley.jpg

Tony Woodley

Operations & Risk Management

Tony Woodley is a senior at Bethel University studying Accounting and Finance. In addition to his studies, Tony is a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer team and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He has had past experiences interning doing financial audit and as a financial planning/investment intern.

Looking to pursue a career in Asset Management, Tony is thrilled to be part of the Operations and Risk Management for the Royal Investment Fund, LLC. After graduation, Tony plans to sit for the CPA.

Zac Nelson

Zachary Nelson

Operations & Risk Management

Zachary Nelson is a sophomore at Bethel University and is a double major in Accounting and Finance (B.S.) and International Relations (B.A.). Apart from Zachary’s work on the fund, he enjoys being part of the Bethel Royals Men's Golf Team, SHIFT (a freshman-focused bible study), tutoring in the Business and Economics department, spending time with friends and family.

Zachary is excited to be a member of the Royals Investment Fund to continue his growth when it comes to critical thinking and analyzing investment philosophies. He is a strong believer in experiential learning, and is looking forward to devoting his strengths to the Operations and Risk Management team. Although graduation is still two years out for Zachary, he plans to sit for the CPA after graduation and hopes to work within public accounting.

research Analysts

David Becker.jpg


Portfolio Manager

David Becker is a senior at Bethel University studying Economics & Finance. Along with this major, David is also minoring in Computer Science and Leadership studies. When not in class David spends his time playing NCAA hockey, working as a teachers assistant for a Professor of economics, and he recently completed a Corporate Finance internship at U.S. Bank, which took place over the summer of 2018.

As a Research Analyst, David found his passion for equity research and asset management after taking an Investments class with Professor Carter during his junior year. David is not yet sure what he wants to do upon graduation; however, his zeal for traveling and experiencing God’s creation will certainly play a role in guiding his future.

Jackson Bell.jpg

Jackson Bell

Research Analyst

Jackson Bell is a senior at Bethel University studying Economics and Finance will simultaneously pursuing a minor in Spanish. In addition to his studies, Jackson is involved in Bethel’s football program and the Mighty Men Bible study group on campus. Outside of school, he enjoys camping and traveling to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota.

Jackson, a Research Analyst, pursued the Royal Investment Fund, LLC with a desire to challenge himself and to learn real-world investment application through the experiential process. Upon graduation, Jackson plans to become involved in his family business currently owned by his father. He believes his participation on the Royals Investment Fund will give him the skills that he needs to be successful in the future.  

Brice Cobb.jpg

Brice Cobb

Research Analyst

Brice Cobb is a senior at Bethel University studying Finance and Human Resource Management. When Brice is not in class or studying, he enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family. He likes to do almost anything that will give him the opportunity to enjoy time with the communities he loves.

A Research Analyst for the Royal Investment Fund, LLC, Brice desires to utilize and test the skills he has gained throughout his education at Bethel. While still exploring what he will be doing post-graduation, Brice has aspirations of attaining an MBA or CFA certification. He trusts the Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) will be a great experience and looks forward to serving the fund’s investors.

Sam DeSautel.jpg

Sam DeSautel

Research Analyst

Sam DeSautel is a senior at Bethel University studying Accounting and Finance. He is a previous participant of the CFA Research Challenge and has taken part in a Wealth Management Internship at Morgan Stanley. In addition, Sam has also benefited from two other previously held internships; one as a Financial Planning Intern and the other at a medical device firm.

The Royal Investment Fund, LLC is pleased to have Sam as a member of the Research Analyst team. Sam hopes to learn about the different strategies and tools that can help him in his future workplace. Upon graduation, Sam hopes to pursue a career in Finance, specifically in Wealth or Asset Management.

Kyle Kispert.jpg

Kyle Kispert

Research Analyst

Kyle Kispert is a senior at Bethel University majoring in Business Finance and Marketing. Outside of class Kyle enjoys playing sports, going to concerts, and spending time at his cabin. He is also looking forward to participating in Bethels’ International Business Trip to Europe this January.

Kyle was inspired to participate in the Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) by his interest in investments and his hope to gain applicable experience that could assist him in his future career path. Following graduation, he hopes to acquire a job in the fields of portfolio management, investment research, or financial advising, and he believes this experience will assist him in making this dream a reality.

Riley Magnuson.jpg

Riley Magnuson

Research Analyst

Riley Magnuson is a senior at Bethel University studying Finance. He helps tutor for Managerial Finance and Intermediate Macroeconomics and participates in the BethelBiz mentorship program. Riley recently returned from an independent study abroad in Greece where he backpacked and explored the Greek food and culture. 

For Riley, joining the Research Analyst team was motivated by his desire to learn how to proficiently manage and select assets for a portfolio and all of the complexities accompanied by this process. He strategically aligned his participation in the Royals Investment Fund, LLC, both to apply course materials and parallel his financial advising internship. After graduation, he desires to continue his education through MBA and/or CFA to eventually achieve his career goal of becoming a CFO. 

Thomas Redden.jpg

Thomas Redden

Research Analyst

Thomas Redden is a senior at Bethel University studying Accounting and Finance with a minor in Leadership Studies. He is the Finance Director for the Bethel Business and Economics Association, a member of the BethelBiz mentorship program, a Teaching Assistant, and a member of the Bethel Men’s Soccer Team.

By joining the Research Analyst team of the Royals Investment Fund, LLC, Thomas hopes to take the skills that he has learned in his finance classes and apply them to real-world situations. He has recently accepted a full-time position as an Assurance Associate at PwC and plans to begin studying for his CPA after he graduates.

Carson Thomas.jpg

Carson Thomas

Research Analyst

Carson Thomas is a senior at Bethel University studying Accounting and Finance. He plays varsity soccer and is the Accounting Director of the Bethel Business and Economics Association. In his free time, Carson enjoys being outside. He has had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Carson chose to participate on the Research Analyst team of the Royals Investment Fund, LLC in order to learn more about portfolio management and to gain real-world experience in the stock market. After he graduates, Carson will start a full-time position at Ernst & Young and will be sitting for the CPA.

Jeremy Schipper

Jeremy Schipper

Research Analyst

Jeremy Schipper is a junior at Bethel University, and he is studying Economics, Finance and History. He is an RA (Resident’s Assistant) on campus, is involved with Bethel’s Model United Nations team, BethelBiz and the Wallin Scholarship Program.

Jeremy is a research analyst for the Royal Investment Fund. He is looking forward to unpacking all this experience has to offer.


A very special thanks to Gabe Segura for providing the beautiful photography.